Friday, July 27, 2007


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The first i ever heard about Dabaaz was in a turntable lab newsletter a few weeks back. They Recommend his new 12" Tu Veux La Guerre ? b/w Regarde Les. Although I'm not big on non english rap in general, but France has been good me this year. And knowing that Regarde Les had a Clipse sample and was produced by A-Trak was reason enough to at least give it a listen. Glad I did too, though i still don't know half of what he is going on with outside of hearing him say club, le sex or girls. "Moi, Ma Gueule & Ma Propre Personne" is Dabaaz's new album and contains both of the above mentioned tracks, and is quite solid as well. It has a nice mix of new stlye electro beats, dirty south synths and classic mpc chopped samples, everything i like in a beat.

A-Tu Veux La Guerre feat. Salif (Produit Par Drixxxé)
B-Regarde Les (Produit Par A Trak)

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