Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Human Nature

Like Michael Jackson or not Thriller was a massive album. Seven of its nine tracks broke the top ten and it sold somthing like 40 million copies. That is serious. My favorite song by far from that album is Human Nature. It was the fifth of the seven singles released and one of the only ones to not have a video. Despite this it still reached #7 on the billboard hot 100 in 1983. It has always been my favorite song from thriller.

I was a little young when thriller came out but being the massive album it was I managed to hear it a few times as i was growing up. So in 1992 being a faithfull weekend top 40 countdown listener I recognized a familar melody to this SWV (Sistas With Voices) track Right Here.

And once more the song decided to pop up. This time on what the internet considers to be the best rap album of all time. Illmatic was Nas' first album released in 1994, and its final song "It Ain't Hard to Tell" also make use of Michael Jackons "Human Nature" but in a more subtle way. Produced by the ever great Large Professor it is my favorite song on one of my favorite albums.

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