Sunday, August 5, 2007

Free Samples

One of my favorite aspects of rap production is the use of samples. I love seeing how a producer can flip a sample and chop it up until its something totally new, or just use the sample in a new context and give the original new life. Pullin' me back was the firts single from Chingy's 2006 album Hoodstar. I was never a very big fan of Chingy or Tyreese who sings the hook but for like 3 weeks they played the video every night on Rapcity and i sort of started to like it. Around the same time i was reading the internets and came across an article about crazy jazz musician Jaco Pastorius. I decided to check out his self titled firts album. The first track I listened to was Portrait of Tracy. Jaco was a crazy good bass player and supposedly this song is super hard to play or something, but the first thing i noticed was a strong similarity to the Chingy track I'd been hearing so much lately. Sure enough it turns out Jermaine Dupri used Jaco's "Portrait of Tracy" and the basis for Chingy's "Pullin me Back". Very surprising to me because as a rule Dupri sucks, he's still spending Kriss Kross money.

Jaco Pastorius-Portrait of Tracy

Chingy-Pullin' Me Back
I saw the Jaco Pastorius LP last xmas in a record store in Toronto, I totally wanted to buy it but it was 30 bucks. It had a sticker on it "used for multiple Hip-Hop samples" i guess thats the kind of LP you need to find for 50 cents at the thrift store.

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