Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Free Samples

If you're familiar with Madlib at all you know he's not flipping the same James Brown or Al Green samples as everyone else. Hate or love his production his chioce of samples is pretty interesting. Madlib used this particular sample twice first on the J Dilla collabo "No Games" from the album Champion sound. And again for "One Beer" which was originally an extra from the Madvillain album but was used again by MF Doom on MM...Food. The sample comes from the spaced out french Jazz of "Huit Octobre 1971" by Cortex. Madlib doesn't chop up the sample too much, pretty much just looping the vocal and drum break part, and using the weird synth part.

Cortex-Huit Octobre 1971

Jaylib-No Games

MF Doom-One Beer
I got rid of the mediafire downloads its a lot easier for anyone actually reading this to hear the songs if they can be streamed. No sense to put up songs if they don't get downloaded. That being said if anyone hears something they like let me know and I can post a link. Thanks to Chad for the help with the code I was mad lost.

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